Friday, 22 April 2011

counter strike characters

He camps all the time! Camper wants to kill everyone that are in front of his sniper, but it's obvious that no one will appear!

He is rushing all time. Can't wait? Just run! He has lightning speed (joking)!

Previously in De_Dust, Dumbass's desperate attempt to save The Pro resulted in The Pro's death. Thus The Pro seeks his revenge on Dumbass.

Another typical player in the game of Counter Strike. A Hacker does everything against the rules. Hacks the sistem! But when theres an Admin, therse a punishment!

The one and only assassin whom detests newbies and believes in "begginers luck". Every time he dies, it will be considered as pure luck.

The silent killing machine whose specially trained for combat and battle. Swat is also equipped with cool sunglasses to stop flashbangs. He is probably the best player in the Counter-Terrorist team.

Equipped with double mac-10s, Killer makes sure he is fully equipped with ammo as well. For previously in De_Dust, Killer accidentally forgot to get ammo!

FD God is a character made especially for Flashdeck! He is probably the best player in the Terrorist team. Obviously, he supports Flashdeck! So go check it out!

Newbies are very common in a game of CS. The flash De_Dust, inspired Newbie to actually play the game in the map: De_Aztec.

Lagger, the typical CS player who attempts to play CS when all he does is lag to death. There's bound to be a Lagger in every game of Counter Strike.

You can say that he is Dumbass's evil twin. Psycho, well the name is self-explanatory. He is the sort of person whom does weird things.

Freekill, a bossy player who thinks he's the best player in the game. Despite his talented skills, sometimes he is interrupted by POP-UPs and therefore hates them.

A true game of CS will not be complete without a Dumbass. As crazy and unpredictable as he is, never underestimate the skills of a "Dumbass"! You never know what might happen...

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